2 years of dust , noise and site traffic including deep excavation for an underground car park
Inevitably there will be some disruption to the school, however we have now appointed a Building Contractor who will be Osbornes from Reigate. They have extensive experience in construction projects including school projects and they are currently working on a Construction Phase Plan. We will be pleased to show you how we will manage the proposed works to mitigate as far as possible any disruption.

18m high 6-storey building overlooking the playground
The height of the building will be approx. 18 metres, however the top floor is stepped in, thus reducing the impact of the building viewed from the playground to a five storey building.

Our Architects have designed the Western elevation to ensure that there is no direct overlooking, by angling the windows towards the sea.

Over 50 extra cars moving at peak times, more traffic on New Church Road, potentially creating a pollution hotspot
The trip generation assessment undertaken, based upon a database of similar residential developments, illustrates that there would only be an additional 14-16 vehicle movements in the peak periods.  This is supported by a further trip generation assessment as a sensitivity test at the request of BHCC, which shows a similar level of trips, illustrating that the trip generation assessment outlined in the Transport Statement is robust.

No pollution hotspot will be created, it is simply absurd to suggest this.

Loss of light to 7 School windows to levels below the Council’s own guide lines
Seven windows at St Christopher’s School would lose an amount of daylight outside the BRE guidelines. It is not known whether these windows serve relevant rooms. One of the windows is likely to be a secondary window, with the main window being in the roof above; loss of daylight to this roof window would be within the BRE guidelines.

Direct access to the School from the development including the proposed underground car park and the public café
We have yet to determine the precise access protocol for when the classrooms may be used by Brighton and Hove Hebrew Congregation or anyone else  other than the school, however this will obviously be designed with locks and security to ensure the existing school premises are secure at all times. This same security regime will also serve to protect the development site regarding access from the existing school building.

Access to the school will be limited to the two doors with direct access to the classrooms on the ground and first floors. There is no direct access to the underground car park or the public café.

Total demolition of existing buildings and excavation of the land where lead has been found
The site investigation report has not shown up the presence of lead in any quantity. Regarding the existing buildings it is likely that small quantities of lead will need to be removed during demolition, such as flashings and maybe pipes, however these will be removed professionally and there will be no risk of the lead becoming airborne.